Johnnyphlo Audio Interview w/ Maypang-Amin

Maypang-Amin was able to attend Johnnyphlo’s Album Release party and had the opportunity to sit down with him and chat for a few minutes. They talk about his new album, what he’s tryna do with his music, and why he’s doing it. It’s a pretty in depth interview so make sure you give it a listen!

Recently, I had to the opportunity to attend the release party of Korean-American music artist, Johnny Phlo.

The turn out of the event was such a success! Everyone had to have had a good time and if they didn’t, they’re just plain out crazy!

Johnny Phlo, along with music artists Decipher and Ailee, were present at the event and stunned us with awesome performances, singing songs from Johnny’s new album, “Basic Strategy.” Johnny and Decipher also graced us with their own version of Wonder Girl’s “Nobody,” swooning the ladies in the audience with roses. Johnny and Ailee ended the show with their newly released single, “Rollercoaster,” which made everyone get up and dance.

One thing I do have to say about the event promoted by MuZo Entertainment and Allkpop is they really know how to take care of their people. I’m sure preparations for the event were frustrating and difficult, but they kept their cool and went about with what they had to do. Hence, the good turnout of the party.

AMIN thanks Muzo and Allkpop for giving us the opportunity to attend this event and we look forward to more of their events in the future.

To purchase Johnny Phlo’s Album “Basic Strategy” go to

Check out the photos from the party!

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