Big Phony Releases ‘Kicking Punching Bags’

The new album from Big Phony, Kicking Punching Bags, has finally dropped and is available starting today on iTunes and via his online store.

So the new Big Phony album “Kicking Punching Bags” has officially dropped today (1/26/10).  Not by any official standard really.  It’s just a date I came up with.  The album is now available on iTunes and on other safe and popular downloading sites.  iTunes has these cool options where you can share the album on your Facebook and Twitter, or even “gift a friend” (wink wink).  You can also purchase a physical copy (first 100 signed by Big Phony) of the album off the site here.

There are some pretty cool bundle options so def give them some consideration if you have a couple extra bucks to spend.

Check after the jump for more information about the new album.

“Kicking Punching Bags” was produced by Jason Hiller at Walden Recordings in Beverly Hills, CA.  We started recording back in December of 2008 and it took us just a few months to track the album, so we’ve been waiting quite some time to get this out there.  I’d say it’s a pretty nice and laid back piece of work.  For all of the songs we only laid down a few takes and used no click tracks.  Personally I think it made the album sound more natural and less cookie cutter or contrived.  Downside is, it makes it harder to add techno beats for Big Phony dance remixes.  Oh well, hope you guys enjoy it!  You can preview a few of the tracks in its entirety on the Big Phony MySpace page.

Please spread the Big Phony word!  If you do happen to like the new Big Phony album in any capacity at all please do tell your friends.  Even if just to say “it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.”  That would be helpful.  Feel free to burn it for your friends that can’t afford to purchase it or that just don’t want to purchase one.  Thanks guys.

What next?  Not entirely sure what I’m doing next.  Not really promoting this album to be honest because I don’t really know how to do that kind of stuff.  I am writing more these days so hopefully I’ll get started on the next project really soon.  By the way, thank you to everyone that got a hold of tickets for the Album Release Show at The Hotel Cafe (2/11).  My first Sold-Out show there, with 3 weeks still left till the big day.  Unreal.

Thanks for stopping by guys.  Have a nice day.

bobby (big Phony)

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