Manifest x Lyricks x Sam Ock Release New Single – “My Way”

Whoa, this new single off of Manifest’s upcoming mixtape ‘Open Bars’ is NICE. I’m feeling the jazzy production from Sam Ock. It’s smooth and clean yet not overly so and keeps things bangin. A great collaboration as Lyricks jumps on in the second half, reminds me why these dude makes such a strong team. ‘Open Bars’ drops in February, and if this is any indication of what’s to come, I recommend you cop that.

Lyrics after the jump.

“My Way” featuring Lyricks
produced by Sam Ock

Straight hustlin the rap game like G’s do cane
i just did it my way i don’t care what you say
i’m my own genre, so to the rest sayanara
i lay it down smooth like some creme brulee
I dabble in and out of the secular realm
on the regular, Mani’s a fan of befriendin the unfamiliar
million lives yes alive but a million “dead”
so misled i can tell by lookin in they eyes
No disguise needed i’m a bonafide rhyme nine milimeter
not a bad thing if u bleeding
let me neutralize you.. to the bar hoppers: 
come and take a shot of this liquidized truth
Representin camp ill caught up in the cycle
different kinda soldier, i function as a light bulb
haters are like aviators blockin the light 
but i can still penetrate, turn ’em into shutter shades 

*Why go with the rest of the crowd?
Why flow with a similar sound?
Y’all can do it like that but ima do it my way, my way (2x)

I bet you in this world there’s a Rick that raps
another Lyricks with his writtens in his knapsack
halfway across the world the place where he naps at
yo Mani, we should really get our stuff ASCAP’d
“Whatever happened to Stack?” when people ask that
creative differences my answer and that’s that
no last laugh or bitterness, both of us passed that
“do what you do, God bless”. That was our last chat
Maybe I was wrong, shoulda got the fast cash
get the jewels and the bling and started to flash that
shockwave my website, get him to flash that
but don’t write lyrics, lyricks he asked that
What? freezeframe, i had to reconsider
do i retain integrity or become bigger
bigger for what? for who, for me? cuz if it’s really for me?
Ima do it my way, you’ll see like…

*Why go with the rest of the crowd?
Why flow with a similar sound?
Y’all can do it like that but ima do it my way, my way (2x)

I feel this game’s a changin’
Everything’s been rearrangin’
Why is everybody not being themselves no more?

Smooth sailin’ on the 808’s
What a getaway, I feel the breeze spittin over keys lets me ventilate
Lyricks and I are never timid to try the undone
I don’t care where you from, there’s no limit to life

I told my friends I wouldn’t let this change me
No matter how pretty she is or shiny the chain be
No matter how big the check, wait how big is the check?
I’m kidding, i’m playin JP expect the same me

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