WTF: Magnetic North – Drift Away

For this edition of Weekly Thursday Freebie we have a throwback for you all. What is probably considered the main song responsible for putting Magnetic North on the map,’ Drift Away’ was a great single that remains a heavily favored track to this day. The track is from their self-titled debut album, and also happened to […]

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Summerbreeze Joins Legaci

Summerbreeze and Legaci have teamed up several times in the past, but it looks like they’ve gone ahead and officially added Summer to the line up, at least for the next few months. Not sure what the whole scoop is but at the very least he’s an honorary guest member. This is awesome news since […]

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Passion Releases ‘Pixelated’

Passion’s got a new song he posted to youtube called ‘Pixelated’ about coping with the struggles of a ling distance relationship and persevering through it. He wrote the song in response to the quickly approaching Valentines Day and and how technology just can’t quite cut it when you want that special someone close to you. It’s a heartfelt song […]

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