Heather Park Releases ‘Trust You’ MV

Heather Park has got a new video out for her single ‘Trust You’ from her upcoming album Stay set to drop in May of this year. The song is sultry smooth and appealing with a video to match. Just a forewarning, it’s a bit risque as Heather shows off some of her well tone figure. In an interesting coincidence I finally got the chance to see West 32nd this past weekend, which prominently featured Heather’s song “Leave Me to Dream“. It’s been a while since I’ve heard new material from her, glad to see she’s ramping up to some new releases.

If you’re liking the track, she’s offered  ‘Trust You’ as a free download so grab it while it’s hot.

Source: AAM

3 thoughts on “Heather Park Releases ‘Trust You’ MV

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