Blue Scholars Drop Remix Video for ‘Paul Valéry’

The Blue Scholars, who released their single ‘Paul Valery’ just a couple weeks ago have also released a remix music video for the song featuring a mixture of footage including some from the very song they sampled, ‘Fireflies’. It’s a cool, arty companion to the track and it certainly matches the vibe of the track.

Last week we released the track ‘Paul Valery‘ and we’re happy that it got such a huge response. Sampling a track that took its style from another track was, well, our version of being forward.  Futuristic, if you will.

Going with the theme that “The Future is not what it used to be”, it inspired us to create a video montage of the song – a visual remix.

Get into your Future and check the video.

**Big thanks to the homie Carlos Pavan for his master editing skills.

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