Illmind x Drunken Tiger x Tasha x Roscoe Umali To Collab; Perform w/ Kanye & Lupe!?

The past day or so Roscoe Umali has been tweeting some incredibly exciting news that I’ll just quote verbatim.


@RoscoeUmali X @IllmindProducer X @DrunkenTigerJK X @Yoonmirae = 2010 Classic BoomBap Shit!!!! STAY TUNED!!!!!


It’s not a Rumor: @RoscoeUmali X @DrunkenTiger X @Yoonmirae X Lupe Fiasco X Kanye West = Korea!!! August 9th!!! LETS GO!!!!!

In general, all I can say is OH… EM… GEE. So it looks like there’s gonna be another track with Roscoe, DT, and Tasha onboard, only it’ll be produced by the legendary Illmind. ON TOP OF THAT, it seems like their gonna join Lupe Fiasco and Kanye West for a show in Korea on August 9th!!!!!! I’m very seriously considering draining my funds and buying a plane ticket to Korea, cause where else can you see that line up?

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