Legaci, David Choi, Cathy Nguyen, Gabe Bondoc & More Featured on Local NBC News Segment

Bay Area NBC Affiliate did a feature news segment on the proliferation of Asian-Americans on Youtube. Artists such as Legaci, Cathy Nguyen, David Choi, Gabe Bondoc, and Sam Tsui were all mentioned along with the more successful Apl.de.ap and Chad Hugo. Although I understand the point they were trying to get across, some of the commentary bothered me a little bit. Especially the comment “… but their look isn’t quite as mainstream” when discussing Legaci’s cover of Justin Bieber w/ Cathy and Traphik. They look as mainstream as anyone else. Hoodies and jeans… but I guess that is nullified just cause they are Asian huh?

Any, I’m still glad to see everyone mentioned get just a little more shine on a bigger platform!

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