D-Pryde Signed to Mars Music Group

I’m not sure how I didn’t catch wind of this earlier, but it looks like the young Canadian MC known as D-Pryde has been signed to Mars Music Group. It appears MMG is a newer label since I couldn’t dig up too much information on them but a series of tweets from a couple weeks back announced to the world that D Prizzy is officially on board, cosigned by DJ Suss One. What’s to come of this venture isn’t entirely clear but it’s awesome to see the kid get recognized, he’s got a pretty nice flow for sure. Congrats to D Pryde on the milestone!

DJ Suss One:

Everyone say congrats to the homie D-Pryde – @DPrizzy!! We just signed him and we are going to make Avatar moves this year!! Follow him!!


Looks like I’m signed now…thanks everybody. Let’s do it! Take em to mars baby! http://tweetphoto.com/32389877

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