Showdown: JVoqalz vs Mike Isberto vs Jayne Rio x Summerbreeze

It’s been a couple months since the last time we featured a Showdown but today felt like the perfect opportunity to pick the series back up because 3 covers of the same track were uploaded all within a day of each other… and I’m certain this is just the beginning. If you’ve been keeping up with us, you may recall we posted about a fresh new track by the very talented Bruno Mars entitled “Just the Way You Are”. Turns out we definitely weren’t the only ones to love the track. Check out these renditions from JVoqalz, Mike Isberto, and Jayne Rio x Summerbreeze. It seems like its a requirement for these Californian Filipino artists to pick up the guitar and cover this track!


Mike Isberto

Jayne Rio x Summerbreeze

I’m being 100% honest when I say it’s hard for me to pick favorite out of these three. Each cover had it’s own unique spin and qualities to it. JVoqalz put some acoustic R&B flavor on it, Mike slowed it down and made it more intimate while Jayne & Summer had the benefit of great harmonies and instrumentation. How about you?

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