Joanlee x Lil Crazed x Krystle Cruz x Michelle Martinez Drop MV for “Get Familiar”

In this big collab, Joanlee, Lil Crazed, Krystle Cruz, and Michelle Martinez use the beat from Chris Brown’s “Deuces” and put together their own song they call “Get Familiar”. I wasn’t feeling Joanlee’s singing parts, it came off distracting. Michelle and Krystle on the other hand are strong singers but their parts felt out of place until the very end where it all finally came together a little bit. I thought Crazed had the strongest contribution overall but the entire song wasn’t as cohesive as I hoped it would be. The idea was much stronger on paper than the execution. Too bad, they’re all talented but this collab was just aight for me.

You can DL the track for free here.

Lyrics after the break.

(Joanlee Verse 1)
i can care less what you heard
ain’t trippin’ off what they told ya, ah, ah, ah
you gon hear it here first
it ain’t gon stop me
i’ve been going hard on the grind for way to long now
been thru the bullshit, so i ain’t gon quit, might as well get used to this

this is a movement, just watch how i do this all for you (Get, Get, Get familiar)
this is a message to the haters, haters, haters
I’m glad you’re all aboard (Get, Get, Get familiar)
you not gon block my shine, block my shine, block my shine (Get, Get, Get familiar) NUH UGH
you aint gon block my shine, block my shine, block my shine UGH UGHH

(Joanlee Verse 2)
Here i go,
yeah, they steady told me that i wasn’t allowed, but i BET they all hearin me now, OH OH,
so every closed door i’m kickin’ em down, and lettin ’em know that I’m comin out, NO HOMO!
The industry hiding like they don’t wanna hear this, actin like they don’t see me on their porch (Jahovah’s Witness) but this time, i don’t need your approval, like a teenager in heat, i don’t need your approval
said i don’t have a market and u ain’t feelin it, i got a fan base off of open mics and the internet, i used to have to wait, to get thru to you, now i push out what i want from my home studio, had to learn the basics, i’m done w/ being patient, you see the game is changing, and i’m ready to playin’, if you don’t know, then u can go and ask em, so for now you’ve been formally warned now play my anthem

(Lil Crazed)
Look, haters on some bullshit like some cattle feces,
tryna match me to some mathematics call me average emcee
but evidently i’m not, ugh, ugh, my brain ain’t shaped as an octagon
so my mind can’t mentally be stopped ugh ugh
i do this to the end of me, i’m like a centapede,
i move a hundred feet w/ one step, one step
so i’ma, make moves, because i know i done paid dues,
that’ll soon, get my sons set, in Sunset (Blvd.)
so, haters stop playing, unless you playing me,
still Independent these Majors can’t seem to Label me, (K-I-D)
Cuz I’m like Walmart, they won’t Target me,
maybe i don’t shop enough, they say they can’t market me
asking what u try for, you ain’t gon fly boy
but i’m representing Independence like July 4th, (Fireworks)
So throw me in the Pool and I ain’t talking Billiards,
I’m talking bout this music baby, get get familiar (Joan!)

(Krystle Cruz)
Always under rated, got me so frustrated, nothing i can do, no, no…
You better listen up, hurry up I’m standing up, to what u put me through yea…
I ain’t the shy chick, ain’t nothing to mess with, I’ma go get it strive to be the bestest
you’ll be sorry when you change your mind, i’ma do me, I’ma break free, yeah

(Michelle Martinez)
I do one thing, you tell me you don’t like it, i do anything to please you
but in reality, what my skin is telling me i’ll never be good enough for you, huh
I’m done waiting, ready for the taking, i deserve the top spot to,
so what you gonna say, when i do things my way,
hear me now, I’ma take my bouts, so now I’m takin’ over

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