Michelle Martinez Interviews w/ Dfined

Bay area singer Michelle Martinez has a new interview out with Dfined Magazine. You can find out about some of her favorite moments throughout her career, what inspires her and her outlook in being an Asian-American in an already tough industry to break into. I got a kick out of how diplomatically she answered equally enjoying singing the anthem for both the Dodgers and the Giants. Read on after the break or over at Dfined.

So tell us a little bit about yourself ?

– Well, I’m an independent recording artist, Broadcasting Student and MYX Tv Intern. I just released my debut album “Adrenaline” and am blessed to be traveling and performing for the fan base that I’ve built for myself both through shows and the internet. I’m really a go-getta who has BIG goals for her self, but at the end of the day I’m still a normal girly-girl who appreciates the small things.

What inspired you to start singing ?

– It’s really all I know. I’ve been singing since I was 2 years old. No joke. My parents just noticed my talent and encouraged me to sing anywhere and everywhere. I began voice lessons at 14 where my teacher enrolled me into competitions, and that’s where my real drive came from. I couldn’t get enough of the feeling of pleasing a crowd with my talent. Somewhere down the road, I realized I wanted this as a profession. And here I am today.

Was there any hard challenges you had to face in the industry ?

– Always. ALWAYS. Number one, when I first began; there was NO room for an Asian American artist. It has always been a struggle to get to the top when the industry doesn’t think you’re marketable. But I think they’re realizing now that people like diversity and doors are definitely opening for us. Secondly, as a female in the industry… I’m based on what I look like before I even open my mouth to sing. Which is so sad. I’m naturally a petite girl and there’s nothing I can do to “enhance” myself naturally. And I struggled with not feeling sexy or beautiful enough for so long. But eventually, I just started feeling so good in my own skin because of my accomplishments and not because of what I looked like. Really, confidence really is the best accessory. ;)

What ways have you found was the best way to promote yourself?

– My YouTube channel (youtube.com/mm2786) really has taken my music and me to a whole other level. With 43,000+ subscribers, it’s a great tool to use to showcase what you got. I love interacting with my fans as well so I’m constantly on Twitter (@meeshthesinger) and Facebook (facebook.com/officialmichellemartinez) responding to tweets and comments. Shows are also the perfect chance to win people over and promote who you are and what you’re about. The combination of using the Internet and live performances has definitely gotten me all the success I’ve received in the past 2 years.

What would be your most memorable moment while singing?

– Man, there’s so many. I feed off the energy of the audience. And I have some pretty amazing fans, so when they’re giving me great energy… I get a little crazy. Lol.

I’ll give my top 3:
– 1) I was on tour and we had a stop at UC Davis. The crowd was sooooo fun and I pulled a guy up on stage and serenaded him. The crowd went wild and he literally looked like he was going to faint. Haha. It was so cute and it was just a fun performance.

– 2) I was in Japan and had to audition in front of the CEO of a huge label in Tokyo. It was so nerve-wracking but I gave it my all…. And next thing I know, I’m flying back to Japan to live there with the label for 3 months!!!

– 3) It’s a tie. But singing the National Anthem at sold out stadiums for the SF Giants and LA Dodgers.

If there were one song you would have to say is your favorite what would it be?

– That’s too hard. As a musician, you can never choose just one. But I can tell you which song is my favorite off my album. Haha. Get a copy and listen to “Adrenaline”. It’s a true story and it really just moves you. It’s definitely my favorite track on my album.

What can we expect from you in the future?

– More shows, more albums, and bigger things. ;) Follow my Twitter and Facebook to get all my news first.

Are there any upcoming albums you are releasing?

– I just released my album “Adrenaline” this June. This is my baby. Over a year of blood, sweat and tears. This album has everything. Dance hits, Electro, Pop, R&B, Acoustic, Reggae, and Ballads…. All in one album. No matter what kind of music you listen to, you’ll love a song on here. Make sure you cop it on iTunes or for a physical copy, you can order at http://www.michellemartinezmusic.bigcartel.com.

What do you think of Dfined Magazine ?

– I love what they do and the opportunity they give to people who deserve some spotlight. Keep it up and more success to you guys!

Any last shout outs ?

– Big thank you to the supporters for getting me to where I am today. I would be nowhere if you guys didn’t show me love and I love you guys so much for that. Thank you to my team and much love to everyone who’s helped promoted me and given me the opportunities I’ve been blessed with.

Make sure you guys hit me up on all my sites :
– www.youtube.com/MM278
– www.twitter.com/meeshthesinger
– www.facebook.com/officialmichellemartinez
– www.michellemartinez.com
– www.michellemartinezmusic.bigcartel.com

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