Far East Movement Releases Major Label Debut – Free Wired

Today is the day. October 12th, 2010. The Far East Movement has dropped their official major label debut with Cherrytree/Interscope Records and it’s called Free Wired. There’s a total of 10 tracks, 11 if you get it on iTunes (free bonus track). Of course “Like a G6” is on there, along with a couple previously heard tracks (“Girls on the Dance Floor”) but there are a bunch of new songs on here too, featuring the likes of Snoop, Ryan Tedder and more. Whether or not this album is any good is yet to be determined but it’s a huge milestone both for the group and the Asian American music community as a whole. If you’re a fan of the group and their music then I urge you to support them and purchase a copy of their album. It is available on iTunes, Amazon, and retailers nation wide. Congrats to FM on their debut.

9 thoughts on “Far East Movement Releases Major Label Debut – Free Wired

  1. nice show this morning on the fox 5 good morning, Far EastMovement was also featured in a 2 page article on oct 12 on page 26-27 in the “NEW YORK DAILY NEWS” nice article about far east movement and many other asian american artist,i still watch the old school videos from them 😛

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