Lyrics Born Releases the As U Were Album

It’s finally here. LB’s latest album, As U Were, featuring the single “Lies x 3” has officially dropped. It’s packed full of 17 tracks with a lot of features including his wife Joyo Velarde. One thing I’ve noticed is that Born likes to switch up the sound on every album and it seems like this is still the case. He never stops trying to expand as an artist and I can respect that. This is his first official album release since 2008’s Everywhere At Once.

1. Kontrol Phreak
2. I Wanna B W/U (fl. Lateet)
3. We Live By The Beat
4. Coulda Would a Shoulda (fl. Sam Sparro)
5. As U Were Reception (skit)
6. I’ve Lost Myself (fl. Joyo Velarde)
7. Lies X 3
8. Born-E-Oh’s! (skit)
9. Pushed Aside/ Pulled Apart (fl. Lateet)
10. Oh, Baby!
11. I’m The Best (Funky Fresh In The Flesh)
12. Block Bots (ft. Trackademicks and Clyde Carson)
13. Pillz ‘Lude (skit)
14. Pillz (ft. The Gift of Gabof Blackalicious)
15. Something Better (ft. Francie and The Lights)
16. Fake ID
17. (What Happened 2 Our) Love Affair?


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