Kristine Sa x Tony Nguyen Release the “Free to Fly” MV

Child trafficking is a human travesty that takes place all around the world. Kristine Sa and Tony Nguyen are just two of the many artists that are working hard to raise awareness and battle the terrible practice. Last month, they released a single called “Free to Fly” for this very cause and now have just dropped the video to help spread the word. The song and video are both touching and haunting, and it makes perfect sense why. Read more about it all after the break.

In support of ( ), ( ), and all of the brave organizations that continue to fight against CHILD TRAFFICKING, particularly Cambodia & Vietnam. This horror WILL continue unless we raise our voices loud enough. I believe in change… Please join us. Spread this video, visit the links above, and share it all with your friends.

*** MP3 AVAILABLE on iTunes: ***

Written & Produced by Kristine Sa
Arrangement by Tony T. Nguyen

Do you know that you’re worth it?
You’re precious. Divine.
And if you haven’t heard it
Everything’s fine
Let me make your pain mine
I am you in another lifetime

Rest your head on me
Bleed out your worry
Spread out those free wings
And fly

I’ll be there to catch you
If you flutter and all
The world waits to hold you
Beyond these walls…
Beyond these cages.
Lend me your wounded and tired feet
I’ll walk the night, so you can be free

Rest your head on me
Bleed out your worry
Spread out those free wings
And fly

Don’t wait another minute
Don’t wait another night
You are free
To fly.

“Free to Fly”
Music Video credits

Writer & Producer:
Kristine Sa
Featured arrangement:
Tony T. Nguyen

Video Directors:
Kristine Sa
Duc A. Nguyen

Kristine Sa

Kenneth Le
Quoc Tran
Tino Nguyen
Dang Huy

Production Assistants:
Thuy Phan
Adam Hanson

Special Thanks:
Lisa T.D. Nguyen
Father Martino Thong Nguyen

Appearing on strings:
Jennifer Le
Michelle Nguyen
Hai Nguyen

With the support of:

Truc Ho
Live stage & studio

Tam Doan & Tien Dung
TDMEDIA & Tam Doan Ent.
Recording Studio

Official websites:

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