Showdown: Lil Crazed x Trixx x Dee vs Inglish

We decided to switch things up for this edition of Showdown. Instead of clips of singers covering the same songs we decided to pit two hip-hop remixes against each other. Both songs take the beat from Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow”  but go in very different directions with it. In one corner are some members from KiD collective, led by Lil Crazed along with Trixx and Dee. In the other corner we got Andrew Fung aka Inglish, part of the group 3Peat. The fella’s from KiD decided to go the common braggadocio route, complete with punchlines and jokes while Inglish decided to get a little introspective and add a dash of social commentary to the mix regarding Asians on the rise. Which one are you feeling more?

Lil Crazed x Trixx x Dee


In my humble opinion, the songs came up somewhat even but for different reasons. On one hand, Crazed is def the most polished rapper among them, but he and the rest of his crew have more than their fare share of corny punches – holding the song back. As for Inglish, I’m feeling what he had to say but he wasn’t quite charismatic enough to easily keep my attention for the entire track.

What are your thoughts?

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