[Free DL] Decipher Releases “Catch Me If You Can” ft Ailee & Tracklist for The Effect

Uhhh… it’s official, Decipher’s a problem. It’s been quite some time since he dropped an official single but his comeback song “Catch Me If You Can” only proves the guy hasn’t lost a step. I’m being completely honest when I say this is one of the strongest hip-hop singles I’ve had the opportunity to share with you on a-Tunes all year. Of course Ailee kills it on the hook, but she also kills it on the closing rap verse. What? Ailee, spitting? You read that right folks. You gotta hear it to believe it; who could have guess that!? The song is a free DL.

In related news, De has released the official tracklist to The Effect, his next full length album featuring the above single. I guess great talent enjoys like company because you got features from Dumbfoundead, Jay Park, Lyricks, Furis, JL, Andrew Choi, Manifest, DJ Zo, Schoolboy DUKE, Sam Ock and of course Ailee as you already heard. Ri-effing-diculous.


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