Decipher Releases The Effect Album

Decipher has dropped his latest solo album, The Effect, of which we’ve heard a couple of tracks from so far. The album features Dumbfoundead, Lyricks, DJ Zo, Jay Park, Furis, JL, Andrew Choi, Manifest, Schoolboy DUKE, Ailee and Sam Ock. The album is currently available digitally from Bandcamp and as a CD from his big cartel store. Look for it to be released soon on iTunes and AmazonMP3 as well. You can stream the whole release via the widget below. Start the new year off right with some fresh hip-hop!

3 thoughts on “Decipher Releases The Effect Album

  1. homies DEFINITELY GET THIS ALBUM !its one of the best of the year,even know the year just started ! this album is pure fire all the good guys are on here including Dumbfoundead,zo ,lyricks ,manifest ,JL ,JayPark,ailee,andrew choi ,schoolboy duke ,sam ock ,and furis ,decipher did a great job on this album as well as the rest of the crew, also thumbs up for decipher for giving the locals a chance on this album,and for getting fort lee music a chance to get out there,he did a great job on “too cool”, thanks Danny ,this album is dope,i am also glad to own a real hard copy of it !!!!

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