a-Tunes News: Want to Join the a-Tunes Team?

In my mind this is really a noteworthy day. a-Tunes started way back in June of 2008 with just me, GT, at the helm. Then early this year, Music4UrSoul came on board as a part time contributor and west coast correspondent. But most of all it’s because of readers such as yourself that this site has continued to grow and expand. You help us discover new talent, heck a lot of you are the talent and we couldn’t be more thankful for supporters like you.

But the time has come again for the team to expand. Things are quickly becoming too overwhelming for our two person team, and quite frankly we could use other passionate individuals to join us in spotlighting the vast amount of Asian-American/Asian talent out there. If this is something you think you’d be interested in, read on to see how you can help.

We’re looking to fill the following roles:

  • Music News Contributor – This makes up the bulk of what you read on a-Tunes. We’re looking for individuals who are passionate about the music scene and the growing number of talented Asian-American artists, and can report news several times a week, if not daily. This includes announcing new albums, music videos, singles, etc. We are asking for a commitment of at least 5-10 posts a week but we’re flexible regarding special circumstances.
  • Graphic Designer – See that name tag above? Crude right? Ugly? Yea, I (GT) designed that. Graphic design is not my forte but I do it out of necessity. We’d like to bring someone on board who can help put together graphics, logos, mixtape covers, etc. This wouldn’t be an intensive role, with perhaps one request (if that) a month. We’d just like to have someone on board who we can rely on for help on an ad-hoc basis
  • Op-Ed Contributor – We currently have two Op-Ed sections called “Worst Ever” and “Two Cents“. Each are terribly under-represented simply because I didn’t have time to put together coherent, opinionated posts. If you follow the music scene and have a sharp wit and unique point of view, we’d like to hear what you have to say regarding current events, topics, and whatever else surrounding the artists we cover. This could be in either text or vlog form. There’s a possibility for expansion in this role into it’s very own “column” here on a-Tunes.
  • Regional Correspondents –  We are blessed to have readers like you from all over the country, even all over the world. If you find yourself frequenting concerts, meetings and events where our artists are often present, we’d love for your help in covering such events! This role is loosely defined and could include anything from concert review/write-ups to on-location interviews and more.

Now with that said I’d like to express the following caveats. Unfortunately, none of these positions are paid. Heck, I don’t get paid either! But once again, if you have a passion for the scene and have an interest in being a part of our team, I highly encourage you to reach out to us. But I promise, I do try to find a way to thank our staff with some token of appreciation.

Secondly, as much as we’d love to, we can’t bring on anyone and everyone who applies. For all the roles, we ask that you provide some type of sample, whether written or graphic depending on the position you’re interested in.

Lastly, if you are interesting in helping out and joining the team but don’t see a role that fits you, please contact us anyway and let us know your ideas. We’d love to hear from you!

So if you’re interested please reach out to us by shooting us an e-mail at info [at] a-Tunes.net. Please include the particular role you’d like to join on as in the subject and include any samples (written, visual, video, etc) that you think would best represent your work. Thank you SO MUCH for seeings us this far. And with your help, we’d love to make a-Tunes even better.

4 thoughts on “a-Tunes News: Want to Join the a-Tunes Team?

  1. i am thinking about it !! as i both follow the asian american artist bigtime , but i also follow some of the korean music scene, but i use slang,i would have to write more proper english first !

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