a-Tunes News: Three’s Company – Welcome K. Kwon!

Here we go! As a-Tunes.net continues to expand so does our need for fresh voices. That’s why I wanted to extend a warm welcome to our newest music news contributor, K. Kwon! You’ll be hearing (reading) a lot from him as he will help keep you updated on your favorite musicians. He’s already started so be on the lookout for posts by Introspector11!

Here’s a little bit about K. Kwon in his own words:

Who’s the newest member to a-tunes staff? Oh yeah that’s me, K.Kwon (Kae-Kwon)! I’m proud to say that I’m the youngest a-tunes staff member. Music was the best thing ever invented, I’m always listening to music and always looking out for new artists! I’ve only been following and involved in the Asian American music society for only about a year now but I’ve experienced some of the best music out there. People say you can figure out a person by the type of music they listen too which I believe is true but experience some of the greatest music out there today, here on a-tunes!


E-mail: K.Kwon at a-Tunes.net
Twitter: @Itsyaboikwon
Tumblr: -era.tumblr.com
Other Site: introspector11.com

Welcome to the team K. Kwon!

And for everyone else, if you’re reading this like to join us too, read on to find out how!

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