Jian Choo x Robynn Yip Release MV for “What I’ll Tell You Everyday”

Have you had your share of cuteness for today yet? If not then prepare for an overdose with this MV. I found this in our inbox from two artists I haven’t heard of yet, Jian Choo & Robynn Yip. They’ve put together an original song and video they call “What I’ll Tell You Everyday”. It’s upbeat, cheery, and may even be a little too happy for the jaded soul, but I’m sure just as many of you will find it endearing as those who don’t. Personally, I liked the song – for now. I can see it getting tiring but it’s just hard to come across music this innocent now a days. As for the video, it’s a perfect example of what “prosumer” tech can bring you. Sharp picture but a little plain on the edits. Either way, hear and see for yourself!

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