Manifest Interviews w/ R.O.K. HipHop

Manifest may be in Korea, but he’s definitely not on vacation. If you’ve been wondering what he’s been up to over there you should definitely check out this interview he recently had with R.O.K. HipHop. Thankfully for those who don’t understand Korean, the entire interview was conducted in English with Korean subs. It’s an in-depth […]

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Baiyu Releases New EP – B-Side

Newly signed JMD/Universal R&B singer Baiyu has just dropped her debut EP with the label entitled B-Side. It’s a 5 track release and includes her catchy single “Sweet Misery“.  Thankfully Baiyu and her team are on top of their game and have also made it available to stream so you can hear before you buy. […]

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Jaeson Ma Releases Album – Glory

Here it is. The new album from Christian musician/preacher/activist/missionary Jaeson Ma entitled Glory. We’ve already shared the title track with you, but now you can have the 8 track release in it’s entirety featuring JMa’s unique and distinctive prayer/preaching spoken word style vocals along with guest drops from the likes of Calista Wu, Bruno Mars, […]

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