Decipher Drops The Cause Mixtape [Free DL]

With anticipation building for Decipher’s next full length album, he’s gone ahead and dropped a mixtape to keep the fans satiated. It includes a lot of old work and some never before heard material. To say it’s jam packed is an understatement, where else you gonna find a release with 43 tracks? Of course, there are features from some of the usual suspects including Shogunna, Andrew Choi, Chan, Ailee, Manifest, Johnnyphlo, Rousseau and more! It’s a free DL so don’t sleep!

Check out what he had to say about the release along with the full tracklist after the break.

Most artists go out of their way to try and hide their first songs but I want to show yall out there how far I’ve grown with my upcoming album The Effect. That’s what this compilation, The Cause, is to me. Some songs such as One of them Days, Girl From Around The Way, Sinner’s Prayer, etc. were songs people have been asking about for years and I finally had the right reason to give it to them. Some other’s songs are purely for the sake of showing you how I rapped 10 years ago. Honestly, I know some of these songs are wack lol but I want you to feel my growth as an artist when you hear the new album. Shout out to DJ Dutta of DMD for mixing The Cause down.The Cause is available for free download here. Let it be a reminder to you that The Effect will be available January 4th!

ALSO! I will be releasing something NEW everything TUESDAY as a part of #TheEffectTuesday until the release of the album so be sure to check back! Love yall.


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