Aero-K x Furis Release “I Love K-Town” [Free DL]

LA’s Aero-K teams up with fellow city of angels MC, Furis in a new track dedicated to their neighborhood, K-Town. The song is appropriately titled “I Love K-Town”. For this number they used one of my favorite Blue Scholars beats. The song is fun but doesn’t have the same charm as the original. Also, if I lived in K-Town LA and cought all the references I’m sure I would appreciate the song more. Either way, you can check it out and DL it for free via the bandcamp widget below.

One thought on “Aero-K x Furis Release “I Love K-Town” [Free DL]

  1. YES!!! both are some of my favorate hiphop artist and both together on this dope track !! Furis is dope and aero k is one of the nicest musicians out there and a good friend of mine , nice to see aero k and furis collab on this track ,i love it !! all you homies out in LA are doing it right and supporting each other &collab together, thanks for sharing the love of each others music & keeping it real !!!! ,instead of the dissing eachother like some others! , I RESPECT ALL YOU HOMIES BIGTIME !!!

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