Jayesslee (JS) – Your Love Is Everything (Cover)

One again the beautiful twins from Australia have come out with a new cover!  Who might be these twins be well its Jayesslee aka JS.  They are Korean-Australian’s that live in Australia.  I have waited for song long for them to come out with a new video!  Their last video that they covered was the song “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars which got over 2 millions views.  I’m not sure what it is but they have this certain uniqueness to them.  As for the video, JS covered the song “Your Love Is Everything” by Jesus Culture.  Janice and Sonia both have beautiful voices, the first time I listened to them was when they covered “Officially Missing You” by Tamia.  I think after the video, I said to myself I’m going to marry one of them.  Their voices go really well together and I think it’s soothing to hear them sing.  One thing I would change about this video is for them to sing louder but still keep that soothing tone in there.

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