Kevin Kaho Tsui Releases the MV for “No Christmas for Her”

Do you remember that MV we shared a little over a month ago that was completely shot on an iPhone? Well as impressed as we were, you could tell that indie artist Kevin Kaho Tsui was limited by the technological medium used. But this time around it looks like he’s decided to step up his Video game and brings us a new MV – making extensive use of a DSLR. The video is definitely much sharper but suffers some of the same pacing flaws as his prior work. But at least it’s much prettier to look at. The song is pretty decent too though I’m not too sure it’s something I’ll have on repeat.

Lyrics after the break.

Sadie by the window pane on a couch reading the news
It’s X’mas she’s all alone wishing she could roll back the years
She can’t trust ain’t nobody nobody not even her lover
The world has long gone and changed for the girl and it seems like a dream

A new life’s began she’s the one hopelessly drowned in pain
Neglected by world full of jealous hearts with sad songs to sing
Those blinding lights are casting some shadows on the back of her shoulders
No songs can be used to express this long undying dream

No Christmas For Her, no candle lights, no Santa Claus
No Loving Kisses by your cheek and, no Christmas breeze, no cuddles by the tree

She kills time by listening to a Lennon song down the side of a station
A child comes to her and says ‘hello dear Happy Celebration’
Those innocent eyes from the child is what she has been longing for
Those innocent smile from the child is what she wants to see, not just in her dream

One thought on “Kevin Kaho Tsui Releases the MV for “No Christmas for Her”

  1. Kevin Kaho Tsui is the pioneer of making youtube music videos in hongkong,,he is like the”David Choi”of hongkong!!! Kevin went from making simple videos of him playing covers with the guitar in his room .now he is producing high quality videos with great editing/storylines & producing his own originals,Kevin came a long way musically,i see great potential in Kevin i am proud of him,will support him and treat him as a friend of mine

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