Jenny Suk Releases First Single Soon!

Ms. Suk has been absent from the YouTube game but she just announced the release of her single “Telling You.”  It will be out on iTunes and Bandcamp.  She will release her single on Bandcamp, the 25th.  Then release it on iTunes, on 11th of January.  You can guys can wait till the 11th or just get the song from Bandcamp, it’s you’re decision!  She made a video for the song sometime in September and I’d have to say she did very well!  I’m not sure if they’re going to fix it up when they put it up on iTunes or Bandcamp but it should sound really nice.  Even though the song is cliché, I like Jenny’s style of singing.  If you liked the video as much I did, then you don’t have to wait around until the 11th.  Just get her single from here now.


this is love
its written all over my face
its something id try describing
but its hard to say a thing
this is love
it seems like a world of your own
when you could feel the butterflies
fluttering theyre outgrown.

so when i see your face
it gets harder everytime
to let go of us.
do you recall when i would
tell you

i love us. i cant go. a day without
your sweet lovin
i cant hide. they all know. so lookout
my hearts runnin’
heyyou, i’m tickled up
and i know i
aint picture perfect…

this is real
hearts will start to colide
it feels like we’re entwined by all our roots
to grow aligned
said i need you need you.
another way to say
i gotta have yu have you
the sound of your voice
is echoing

whats sweeter than sweeter than sugar, love.
is the taste of us x3

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