Sam Ock Releases A New Original “Green Shades”

Sam finally releases a new video, I’ve been waiting for one for a while now!  Every time he does, I’m always impressed.  Not that I wasn’t satisfied with his music, I just like to see musicians grow. Recently AMP (Sam, James, & CL) performed at a show called Inspire ’11, they rocked the show with many other artists like Jason Min. Also there is much respect for Sam because he’s sticking with what he believes.  This song has so much meaning, just take a second and really listen to the song.  I’m sure a lot of us go through the same thing as well.  The instrumentals playing was very fitting and the beat was just right, it wasn’t too much or too little.  If you guys are wondering what he said in Japanese in the video, he said “I don’t know anything” in the beginning and towards the end he said, “But you know, it’s alright. Lets go together.”If you guys like this song as much as I did then you’re in luck cause it free!  Get your free DL here!


I’ve come to realize the older I get
The lesser I know, the less I respect
The image of a man who boasts in his strength
In mental fortitudes, or of his higher rank
I’ve come to realize more about knowledge
There’s more to life than saying that you “got this”
More to questions than having just the answers
What is pride, but a mental type of cancer
Killing you slowly while you’re on that pedestal
The world spinnin’ under you, while you’re standing still
Boasting in yourself, I call it weakness
You don’t understand the valor in “meekness”
No, see you don’t really get it
This is the truth, that doesn’t need no edit:
When you humble yourself, then you know
That “love” is dependence, and in that, you grow

*Sometimes, I’m stuck in my own world
Can you pull me out?
I wanna love and get yours too
Can you pull me out?

If I die, the world won’t stop
Spinning on its axis, no it cares not
If my body and soul pass away
What kind of memories will stay?
No, I don’t have much to give
I’m still just a kid
Just these testimonies of stupid things I did


The catalyst to growth is need
Leanin’ on something bigger than me
The catalyst to growth is need, that’s why I need my God, you see?

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