Sam Ock Releases Solo EP – Simple Steps

The man who is a member of Company Idyll, June, and AMP, Sam Ock himself, just dropped a new solo EP filled with tracks you’ve heard before on Youtube along with some new material to stimulate those ear drums. If you didn’t get your pre-order on, no worries because you can still get it from AMP’s online store or if you prefer the digital route… check out iTunes & AmazonMP3. Also available from Bandcamp. Check the tracklist below for the details on the 11 song release. Looks like there a couple features including Lyricks and Clara Chung.

1. Tenshi
2. Rollercoaster
3. Beautiful People
4. Birds
5. Love (feat. Sam Kim & Seung Hyun)
6. Green Shades
7. Simple Steps
8. There Will Be
9. Ms. Instrumental (feat. Lyricks)
10. Little Light (feat. Clara Chung)
11. In Remembrance


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