AM Kidd Drops New Single – “Love Rain”

If you’re an AM Kidd fan you’re probably already familiar with his penchant for performing Hip-Hop songs accompanied only by a keyboard. In my opinion it’s a refreshing way to tackle the genre, opening it up to a number of interesting new opportunities. His latest track “Love Rain” continues that trend. Though this was one of many songs by released over the past couple days in honor of V-Day, I think this is one that will stand the test of time and will continue to be a hit afterwards. If you’re feeling it you can purchase the song for a $1 via the widget below.

Verse 1:
Nah, you ain’t the ordinary dime piece
look, this is more than just a line, see
Be comfortable, walk into it blindly
You’re the piece of the puzzle that binds me
Got me twitsted, doin’ all the right things
captivated by your eyes and your light skin
beautiful in the sun or when the lights dim
searchin’ for the right girl, this is where the fight ends
had a rough past? I’ll repair the damages
let me heal them, not with flimsy bandages
we could handle them, the good and the challenges
with the negatives the positives will balance us
Love, to get to you I need a spaceship
’cause the place you take me got me feelin’ weightless
we could touch stars, naming constellations
initiate the mood with an invitation

Do you wanna dance? Take it real slow
Find me on the safe side, honey you should know
Yeah, somebody told me it was love rain
Yeah, somebody told me it was love rain

Verse 2:
Nah, I ain’t lookin’ for the flawless
but I want some one to walk with
can we talk without trippin’ what the clock says?
and my body language speaks that I’m harmless
and I know that it’s obvious I’m after ya
if I’m noticing your hair and your manicures
yup, and them other guys are amateurs
test me on my physical and my mental stamina
love, the way you look is just a part of it
the way you are is the heart of it
can we build and fortify our partnership
so we could love and minimize the arguments
so let the situation blind us
leave the drama and the tears far behind us
it’s sorta easy ’cause the way you smile is timeless
people look for gold but I found me a diamond.

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