GOWE x Erin Kim Raising Money to Finish “Stars in My Eyes”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

For those of you who have been keeping up with the Kollaboration movement, you may remember a short promo clip featuring GOWE & Erin Kim. The project was called “Stars in My Eyes” and there never was a full-length single made. I, among many people, have always wondered why and was hoping to see an official drop and it looks like we may get to see that happen. Like many other artists, GOWE & Erin are turning to you, the fans for help in funding the project. You can find more information at their kickstarter page.

In 2010, Kollaboration Seattle contestants Gowe and Erin Kim collaborated on a short song intended to be a promotional track. Due to heavy demand we have decided to finish the song but we need your help.

In order for us to complete the song we have to raise $2,000 ($2,200 including Kickstarter fees) to pay for mixing/engineering and production costs. None of the donations will go towards Gowe or Erin Kim. It is simply to pay for the producer fee and studio time. If we exceed our goal of $2,000 (for just the audio) and reach $3,200 it will also cover the cost of a full video.

You guys demanded it and here’s your chance to make the full track possible!


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