Lyricks Drops a “Truthful Lie”

Can someone please tell Lyricks to slow down? The guy has dropped numerous projects in the past week alone, more than we heard from him for months in the past! It’s another “Music VLido” from SuperNoVA, with the added bonus of production courtesy of Tripmaster Monk. I hope he expands this joint into a full track cause I’m digging the slow, jazzy feel. Watch for the cameo by Francis Kang towards the end.

3 thoughts on “Lyricks Drops a “Truthful Lie”

  1. ha!!lyricks ,the man who is stuck driving the van ! 😛 lyricks always puts out great tracks .supercool supernova good , & francis kang is very talented too,check out his works too !! also check out francis kang’s hand at the end,he got decipher’s “the effect” CD ,all these homies got good taste and put out good music

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