Saving Thomas x Decipher x Jason Min Are “Reaching Out”

Philly stand up! Three staples of the AA music scene in the Illadelph have collabed on a new track called “Reaching Out”. You got band Saving Thomas, rapper Decipher and one-man show Jason Min all one track, mixed and mastered courtesy of Andy Ha (Repercussion Studios). Just wanted to share this track with you now, but I’ll have to update with my thoughts on it later after I get a chance to hear it myself.

[update] Just heard the track. I gotta say, I’m a pretty big fan. On paper it’s kind of an odd mix of talent but they all blended together beautifully here and created a pretty great song. Props to everyone involved, this is a winner. [/update]

2 thoughts on “Saving Thomas x Decipher x Jason Min Are “Reaching Out”

  1. as soon as i listened to this track i was very impressed ,it was done so well and has good meaning and a great sound, i really like it and posted it up on my FB page too as well as fowarded it to my friends in radio,this was a unique collab that turned out great keep up the great work guys hope to see more collabs from you all. 🙂

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