Dave Bak (of Saving Thomas) Releases Solo Album – ‘Voices’

Who knew that when we first heard the song “Reaching Out” over a year ago that it would be the beginning of a solo album by Saving Thomas frontman, Dave Bak? Well, that’s the path that he’s taken, dropping Voices today with the help of a number of guest artists including Decipher, Jason Min, Manifest, Lyricks, Andrew Ha, Sam Ock & Sarah So. There are a dozen songs on here by the singer/rapper, and is available via Bandcamp. For a little additional context behind the lead single “Reaching Out” and the album as a whole, check out the video clip after the break.

1.Reaching out feat. Decipher and Jason Min
2.Winter Storm feat. Sarah So
4.Compromise feat. Manifest and Lyricks
5.Voices (Interlude)
7.This Time I’ll Stay
9.David’s Cry feat. Sarah So
10.Is Anyone Out There? feat. Andrew Ha
11.Go feat. Sam Ock
12.The Facebook Song

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