JRA Releases a New Original “Save This”

This is a great original by JR Aquino, its something I would listen too.  When I listen to this song, I always imagine it being a rainy day and you’re feeling blue about your relationship which is the song about. JR said this song means that, only one person is putting effort into the relationship and it’s a cry out for help to save the relationship.  It’s a very soothing song but a bit sad as well, I’m sure JRA has definitely hit the hearts of some relationships.

I’ve read this book before
I already know how this’ll end
Now I can’t take this anymore
I’m about to throw the towel in

You see I
I wish we could go back to
back to the time
the time when we first met and i asked
do you really want to do this?

Cause I can’t fight anymore
I’m already halfway out the door
Can’t you feel this
feel this breaking down

& I can see the end
I just can’t believe it’s happenin’
Do you hear me
i think its about time that you save this.

Why can’t you see this
See that we’re drifting apart
Leaving no hope in my heart
I know we’re far from perfect
but could you show me that I’m worth it
to you

i know that I should move on
But I just can’t be that strong
without you
i’ve given you my all
but it’s not too late
to make this change
i’m beggin’

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