Aero-K Shares the “Finer Things in Life” (prod by Sam Ock) [Free DL]

Jazsapiens representatives Aero-K has a new track out produced by Maryland’s Sam Ock. The song is titled “Finer Things in Life”. The cross continent collabo has a signature S. Ock sound and quirky but enjoyable raps from Aero though I could have done without the weird hook. It’s an alright listen though not something I’d keep on repeat. You can DL the track for free via the widget below.

I like, church retreats, hot tea, indie flicks, poetry
Fine art, sleepin in, california palm trees
hole in the wall pizza shops, fancy restruants
dancing in the mirror, hip-hop guest spots
I like poloriods, sunsets, long drives, b-girls
b-boys, jazz, photographs, sea world
Winter, Spring, Summer, fall
Koreatown, I love it all
Used think it was alcohol
Now i’d rather play basketball
Vietnamese Pho, favorite song on the radio
People coming up to me like “hey, aren’t you Aero?”
Karaoke, moon and stars, cool acoustic guitar
Graffiti art, first second and third dates, no matter who they are
…Good dreams after nightmares
Late night fast food, DJs, white hairs
I like the fact that your standing right there
Your hands in the air, hoping that I might care

Finer things in life
Got me singing baby, oooo
shibbity, do-bap, bah dah bah dah dah

Finer things in life (are free)
Can you feel it baby!

What would the world be without white beaches
Hand made pyramids: Vegas, Paris, and Egypt
Playground secrets, tattooed scene chicks
Doing good business…collecting good intrest
Invest in good friends, shruging off all the haters
Traveling, pretty women, photoshoots, Lakers
Loving the Clippers like T-Pain loved a stripper
Swimming pool parties, early morning Denny’s dinners
my nikon, freestylin, the Rennesance, hawaii
Good books, korean food, music the 90’s
I like awkward turtles…UC San Diego
Low gas prices, the fact I got cable
Wedding bells, cousins, my uncle and my grandma
My little brother Arthur, my Dad, and all your hands up
God’s grace in the gospel, Christ in every way
Love how my songs to help you get through your day

Finer things in life (are free)
Got me singing baby, oooo
shibbity, do-bap, bah dah bah dah dah, Can you feel it baby? (x2)

Finer things in life…
Can you feel it baby! (x2)

One thought on “Aero-K Shares the “Finer Things in Life” (prod by Sam Ock) [Free DL]

  1. aero K is one of my favorates and is really good on jazzy hiphop,i get his tracks played on numerous radio shows around the globe as he and jazsapiens are really talented ,i do like this track as i am also a big suporter of sam ock ,i would really like to see these two guys perform a track together oneday

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