Baiyu Releases Lead Single “Together” from Upcoming EP [Free DL]

We’ve just recieved word that NY’s Baiyu has a new EP in the works called Fan Fair. The first single she’s sharing with us is a joint titled “Together” and is a mid-tempo R&B song with a strong beat (great drums) and classic Baiyu vocals. It’s a good indication if the rest of the EP is of similar caliber. Perhaps most importantly, she’s letting you name your own price on both the single and EP, with ALL proceeds going to the relief efforts for Japan.

…this is just one piece of my upcoming EP entitled Fan Fair, which I will be releasing April 15th, so get pumped! More importantly, I need you guys to understand why I’m doing this whole project, and it’s because of you… truly. I started out on my musical journey with hopes of simply making good music, and along the way, I’ve been blessed with every one of you who have supported me, shown me love and become the very reason why I look forward to waking up each morning to create. It is your spirit that has taken me this far, and in return, I’d like to give you this album as a free download simply to say – Thank You!

To bring things full circle, when you download Together, and later on, Fan Fair, you’ll have the option to donate any amount that you’d like towards the project. 100% of the proceeds will then be donated to the Japanese Consulate in helping with their efforts towards earthquake and tsunami relief. I feel like most of us, especially myself, are so fortunate, that it’s really important to give back to the world. Hopefully, this will be our way of making things just a little bit brighter for those in need… hence the spirit behind the song.

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