a-Tunes News: The 2011 Huge Spring Giveaway Wrap Up

This post is a little over due but we wanted to make sure we properly close out our Huge Spring Giveaway contest by letting everyone know the results and publicly congratulate the winners. We thought everything went really well and especially loved watching some of your Youtube submissions. So without further ado here’s how the breakdown went…

  • Roughly 100 individuals entered
  • ~20% of those who entered did so with a Youtube video (We really enjoyed these, thanks!)
  • ~97% entered via Facebook
  • ~85% entered via Twitter
  • ~13% of those who entered did so via Youtube, Facebook & Twitter
  • 3 of the 5 Winners entered via Youtube, Facebook & Twitter (Sharing a YT clip really did positively affect one’s chances)

Finally, let’s congratulate the winners! To respect their privacy we’ll just share their initials and state, along with the prize they ended up choosing.

  1. 1st Place: CK of California – iPod Touch
  2. 2nd Place: LN of New York – Creative Vado HD Camera
  3. 3rd Place: CP of Nevada – BumpThis/a-Tunes Music Pack
  4. 4th Place: JC of Maryland – iTunes Gift Card
  5. 5th Place: TK of Pennsylvania – FM CD

On behalf of BumpThis & a-Tunes we just want to thank everyone for entering, and we hope to continue connecting with you online and elsewhere. Stay tuned for future contests and thanks again for your readership and support!

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