Jesse Barrera Shares “I’ll Stay Up”

It’s been quite some time since we heard some new solo material from Jesse Barrera. The guy is so wrapped in other projects but it’s good to hear/see he hasn’t forgotten his own grind in the process. The latest is a tune called “I’ll Stay Up”, a song dedicated to those peaceful moments with the one you love. It’s a tender track, and fitting for the acoustic guitar format. If he goes into the studio with this one and keeps the gentle simplicity in tact, it could be a winner.

2 am and i’m still up
tv’s on the lights are off
i can see you
i can hear you breathe
while you sleep so soundly

3 am tired suddenly
seconds are minutes
and hours feel like weeks
i still see you. i just want you
with me

i’ll stay up all night watch you sleep
closing your eyes, lost in your dreams
i’d be fine just to hear you breathe
my loves sewed tight to every seam
i’ll proudly wear my heart on your sleeve

10 am and you’re already gone
woke up to your favorite morning song
i still love you
just the way that i did yesterday
it’s never ever gonna change

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