Tom-Oh & Traphik Release “We Takin Off”

Tom-Oh & Traphik aka TimothyDeLaGhetto are on a song together.  After doing some research, Donovan is a rapper that’s from ASU.  Tom-Oh is the DJ for Donovan. After hearing the beginning of the song, I was hesitant to listen to this song but after a minute into the song, it was fairly decent. Traphik’s verses were okay but he should have done better. Donovan’s lyrics were okay as well, this song just sounds like any other rap song. Talking about how their good at what they do. The beat to the song is pretty nice, if they worked a bit harder, I can see the song reaching a million views but who knows with Traphik’s fan base, it could be possible. If you like the song, get it for free here!

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