J. Reyez Drops MV for Remix of “My Last” by Big Sean [Free DL]

Mr. R-E-Y-E-Z decided to put together an unofficial remix to Big Sean’s “My Last”, originally featuring Chris Brown. Not only did he remix the track but now he’s got a full music video for it. It’s a mixture of some performance footage along with newly filmed scenes. I gotta say overall it’s a real solid track and some scenes in the video were really well captured. The song is a free DL, so grab it here.

(verse 1)
yeah I’m just searching for that good life
I do everything for my fans like I should right
cuz they got me here and I’ma make it clear
fly at most everything and haters you can disappear
welcome to my life through my lyrics when you hear it
looking for a bright future, that money perseverance
buying anything like everything is on clearance
and I step up on the stage, hear the whole crowd cheering
people appreciate every minute of my appearance
and fans anticipating every song that I’m premiering
and maybe one day a major label can sign me
the faults in the past I can leave right behind me
cuz I’m trying to stay positively
appreciate every blessing that God will give me
stay busy, my team will always be with me
when I travel, I love each and every city

(verse 2)
champagne living, I’m getting my drink on
the party don’t stop, not even if it is dawn
pretty girls in the line, I’m giving out V.I.P.’s
you ain’t doing nothing if it ain’t B.I.G.
I’m doing good, I ain’t looking for no action
but ouu baby girl you so attractive
but I gotta stay focused, no distraction
I do it for the love my everyday passion
keep on working but everyday is like a day off
all this traveling, loving every single take off
but I need someone I can come home to
if you don’t understand my life baby let me show you
this is what i do, this life’s what I do it for
I gotta stay grounded, we can do it on the floor
I love every single bit of it
I love my f*ckin’ life, so holla if you’re listening

bright lights and I’m zoning, this is my moment
everything I do in life, fasho I’m gonna own it
live that good life and bring all of my homies
forget what you heard, you can really get to know me
yeah, you can really get to know me
yeah, you can really get to know me
live that good life and bring all of my homies
forget what you heard and haters you can blow me

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