[Free DL] Jin x LS x Chan Present “The Reunion”

Whoa… talk about a come back. This may date me, but I remember during my college years a little track called “4th Chamber”, a collab between some of the biggest names in Asian-American Hip-Hop. Well someone must have jumped in a DeLoreon and gotten the Jins, LS’s, and Chans from yesteryear cause they return with a new joint song, appropriately titled “The Reunion”. An epic line-up on paper, but how does it sound in reality? Can history repeat itself? Haven’t had the chance to peep it yet but I’ll post my thoughts later, I can’t wait to hear this one!

Get the song for free here.

The Reunion is here! Back in 2004, these three MC’s first got together to re-create GZA’s classic record, “4th Chamber,” for Jin’s “The Definition of History” mixtape. The result was an underground banger which set the internet world on fire.

Seven years later, these three pioneers of Asian-American hip hop show that they are still here and dope as ever. This is an original production created by Ray Hill who also appears as the main vocalist in the chorus. For more information on these artists please visit:


Bruce Lee Intro:

When I look around I always learn something and that is to be always yourself.
And to express yourself, to have faith in yourself.

Do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it. Now that seems to me that is the prevalent thing.

Chan’s Verse:

If im free whys it feel like im on lock in a prison bid?
Wish i was illiterate to that talk on the internet
Friends by my side at the drop of a dime
Lookin back its all because my name was hot at the time
They wanted a part of my shine without workin the grind
Respect is what i earned
Wit Every line that i rhymed
I never thought id be the underdog
An asian version of mickey ward
Hungry aint the word man im starved
I wanna see progress thats all im askin
At least An asian got the lead role in ninja assasin
Catch u slippin its a Mistake if u thinkin
Jin wont kill the competition off the dome cuz he christian
Ever since he got shot LS is in pain
Still makin mad moves although he walk wit a cane
Big Chan im so HAM an OG of the movement
Im goin in on this official 4th chamber reunion.


Let me live my life, let me see the light.
Them haters wanna see me go down.
Let me see the light, let me live my life.
I’m still here and I ain’t goin down.

Let me live my life ay ay ay
Let me see the light ay ay ay
Let me live my life ay ay ay
Let me see the light ay ay ay

Jin’s verse:


LS’s verse:

They wanna know where the kid went… and where the kid at
You might find me in a suit now… still striddapped
You might find me in a coupe wondering… where your chick at?
She with me now but only for the moment ’til i hit that
Yup! Sum things never change man
But honestly i’m a changed man
And the game plan just to be blatant
Rep my peoples til i’m six feet in the pavement
Diplomatic so i deserve immunity
And i dont need a verdict to serve my community
I do it voluntarily because it feels right
optimistically inclined to do what i feel like
I’m still fly, i stay Mikey Freshed to death with it
You still lying, i could see through your best lyrics
You need to step with it cause you could never be the best
I was… am… and always will be LS.. let me live!

One thought on “[Free DL] Jin x LS x Chan Present “The Reunion”

  1. I’m a big fan of the original 4th chamber collab. As for this joint, you have to look at it from multiple perspectives. In relation to 4th chamber, this joint is much more mainstream and doesn’t go as “hard” as 4th did. However, standing alone, this track is a standout track compared to some of the other stuff we’ve been hearing lately. Also, this track shows how each emcee’s evolved. Snacky… snacky’s smoother and, for me at least, seems much more polished. As for Jin, we all know how much he’s changed, but he seems as good as ever. LS… i was never much of a fan.. so… i will withhold my opinion as I am very biased in this case. Overall though… great joint and nice to see these old cats again.

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