Chan Remixes “I’m Ill” [Free DL]

It’s not everyday we get to hear new bars from Snacky, so it was a pleasant surprise for me to find out that he has a new remix track out where he flips “I’m Ill” by throwing his own verses on it. It looks like he’s aiming to build some hype for his new group with Maniac – New Dynasty – by bringing back the Chan of old; pre-UPT. You know what? At least for this blogger, it’s a welcome return to form. Get the song for free below.

1st verse:

Im ill (so real) cant keep me concealed
I’m like brail to the blind give em somethin to feel
(Cant chill) sit still
Till I sit on a mill
You can front on the skin tone not on the skills
See some a yall got me SMH
Suck bad like head on a homemade sex tape
Stay nasty young and flashy
(Who the best?) Thats a real dumb question to ask me
Still I’m ill
Doctor chill it aint somethin you can heal wit a pill
It aint somethin that yall could create
Overseas still smash any of yall in the states
Just the flow and the voice alone’ll
Knock anybody outta the throne now get gone
I belong on stage in the spotlight
Two fingers up in the air and make em talk like

Second verse:

Ima hit em up like a Pac song
Take it underground I’m tired of all the Pop corn
Put the locks on just in case
if Big Chan break back in aint nobody safe
RT this yall tweeters
rappers aint blind still nobody can see this
No doubt my whole bloodline leaders
Man I make change like I’m parked by meters
In a black jag with a fat tag
Louis belt on unbuckled to let the pants sag
Thats ganji thats swagga
Stunna shades on black suit Karl Lager(Karl Lagerfeld)
Rrah Make you an example
the next time it wont be a Jay-Z sample
Im ill so sick for real
Fuck charts spit darts give em somethin to feel

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