Adam WarRock Releases “Sinister Six” [Free DL]

“Nerdcore” MC Adam WarRock has a fresh track out, an homage to the group of super villains known as the Sinister Six as they get ready to battle Spiderman. Here’s the story of the track in his own words.

I was in the midst of trying to make a Sinister Six mixtape, when I realized I was kind of telling a singular story with each of the villains. I instead chose to make it into one megatrack, nearly 10 minutes long. I wanted to see if I could tell a story about Spider-Man, without once ever talking from the point of view of Spider-Man himself. And so this track just sort of came out of nowhere and formed into this weird Game of Death-style fight, where one by one, each of the villains comes out of the woodwork, fights our hero, and ends in some kind of ridiculous, stupid, or tragic way. So there. Enjoy. Now on to some news…

The track clocks in at nearly 10 minutes. Anyone who has an appreciation for old comics books should dig this track, others will probably want to move on to the next one. Get the track as a completely free DL here.

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