Chan Shares Un-Released Track from 2007 – “What I Like to Do”

This may be the most personal tracks I’ve ever heard from Chan, and that’s one of the reasons why it quickly became one of my favorites from him. This song was never released but was written back in 2007 when Chan first landed in Korea, getting ready to start a new career in the motherland. He decided to share this track today in light of the Korean holiday Parent’s Day, on May 8th. It’s a moving and honest joint, one that shows growth in Chan not only as an artist, but a son as well.

Chan drops an unreleased gem from 2007. “What I Like to do” is a heart-felt song about the love, respect, and gratefulness Chan has for his immediate family. This song was recorded in 2007 during his first visit to South Korea which he describes as ‘enlightening.’ During this time, he came to realize the struggles his parents had to face in Korea, as well as the challenges they had to overcome when they immigrated to the United States. If you appreciate what your parents have done for you, we’re sure you will feel this!

First Verse:

You my heart pops, survived a life full of hard knocks/

immigrated to the States it was Fort Knox/

compared to Seoul, the path you chose/

was a brash move, some say irrational/

Yeah you listened to your gut, the past could teach us/

we alike in more ways than our facial features/

Now I’m takin that risk, got a thirst for chances/

you struggled with your words, your boy mastered the language/

Now that you gettin old, I’m gettin more concerned/

reflecting on all the little gems I was blessed to learn/

Imitating all your ways as a little kid/

so before you leave this earth I wanna make it big/

Protect, provide, pops yeah you did your job/

beat me down with just cause not just because/

I beg your pardon if this doesn’t seem right to you/

I love this hip hop shit, its what I like to do/

Second Verse:

I got a niece now, God damn she’s the cutest thing/

my older brother got a fam now do your thing/

Big smiles, hand shakes when they set a date/

Han-boks, mad layers on the wedding cake/

an audio slide-show look into the frames/

and see my mother sit at all of my baseball games/

Looking back I remember what you did for me/

ice cream, big hugs every victory/

I love you ma, used to say it every single day/

and even though I’m all grown I feel the same way/

At 13 I kinda changed now I wouldn’t let her/

hold my hands in the mall when we walked together/

The only angel in the world gave me strong roots/

got daddy’s strength but my heart comes from ma dukes/

Through the storm and all the wrongs I’ll make em right to you/

cuz makin you smile is really all that I’d like to do..

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