Showdown: Erin Paula vs Sam Hart vs New Heights

Adele is one of those rare artists that managed to achieve wide-spread critical acclaim and with her recent album, breakthrough mainstream success. So it’s understandable that we’ve seen our fair share of covers of her songs – especially of “Someone Like You” and “Rolling in the Deep”. The latter is the subject of our latest Showdown feature, and we know it’s been a long time so for those who forgot this is how it works….

We take artists that have recently covered or remixed the same song and compare them for fun’s sake just to see which one you thought did the original the most justice. Today’s Showdown pits Erin Paula (of former Rin on the Rox fame) against Sam Hart (most notable for the Mario Kart song) against a member of Seattle band New Heights. So readers, who takes home the bragging rights?

Erin Paula

Sam Hart

New Heights

Did you like Erin’s faithful cover that stuck true to the original? Or Sam’s melancholy, haunting rendition? What about New Height’s bluesy acoustic take? Vote for your favorite!

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