[New Video] Decipher – “Smile While I Bleed” [Free DL]

It’s that new ish from Decipher, a quick little video for his remix of Kanye’s “Devil in a New Dress”. He’s rechristened the joint “Smile While I Bleed”, basically an extended verse where he takes some time to reflect and get some heavy thoughts off his chest. De’s always been that dualistic MC, weaving back and forth between punchline raps and the introspective, this release is more of the latter and it’s hard to find any faults with it. It’s a freebie up on bandcamp so go head and grab it via the widget below.

Lord, forgive me, I have sinned, and I will again
see the smoke rise, it’s spinning in the ceiling fan
it remind me of the way that I hate standing still
plan to build but the land I chill in quicksand, for real
Philly got this chilly feeling that really haunts us
even when we turn our back we feel it still inside us
some of us feel kill or be killed is still the mindset
now we all dead, pictures on window sills remind us
heard the good die young, thought it was really nonsense
but here I am, breathing with a guilty conscience
like what did they do? it should’ve been me
God put up a tree, any one of us would’ve been Eve
I visit my Mama grave and I sing to her over instruments
bring flowers, they beautiful but die, no coincidence
Daddy left, I never knew or saw him eye to eye
thought it’s what I had to do, so I would try to cry
sometimes I think it’s you that I see riding by
lying to myself, I had to Google how to tie a tie
that’s some shit that a man is supposed to teach a man
did it by myself, cried for help but couldn’t reach his hand
never learned Korean, I can’t even speak to fam
Johnnie Walker giving me the spirit when the preacher can’t
not that he can’t, but I don’t want to listen
Jesus comin back? What if I no longer miss him
heart turned cold from people walking out that door
now I got it locked, nobody walking in or out no more
it’s about to pour, I seen these kind of clouds before
made it out that storm, now I roll my windows down for more
I know the struggle, the hustle, ducking police, I do
talk in code on the phone so the cops would be confused
wonder when my life will change, it still hasn’t
14 karat gold, white tee, bumping Illmatic
my mother fucking main man a pill addict
popping Oxycontins to Suboxones and he still at it
miss you my brother, but I can only do so much
but keep it real, I still don’t trust the people you don’t trust
I look in the mirror, even I can tell I turned
into a stronger man, I guess that all the stress was well deserved
learned to live, love, laugh, and keep a L to burn
smile while I bleed, they could never tell it hurts.

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