[New Music] Sam Hart – “Stars in Our Eyes”

Admittedly inspired by Disney’s Tangled, singer Sam Hart has crafted a new track called “Stars in Our Eyes” along the same sappy emotional lines as the tunes you’d find in their animated musicals. Personally I tend to be a bigger fan of Sam’s more positive, hopeful tunes as opposed to some of his slower, darker numbers. This is yet another example of that trend. I just wonder when the guy is gonna lay some of these tracks down in a studio and give us a proper recording to listen to.

was it ever gonna be easy
was it ever gonna make you
fall into pieces
or hide away with the broken hearted

cause i’m gonna take you farther
farther than you’ve ever seen
out your window
to places shining brighter than the sun

if they try to catch us
they will see how far we can fly
if they ever find us
it’ll be by the stars in our eyes
stars in our eyes

one day in the summer
i will come runnin just to find you
and take your hand so we can both be free

free to breathe your own air
free to hold on and on forever
while they say everything goes away


one jump is all it takes
to leave behind everything that you know
but you can never look back
you can go home


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