IAMMEDIC Launches Their “Spaceship” MV

LA based group IAMMEDIC has just released their latest song and music video, a track titled “Spaceship”. The project is everything you’d expect from the crew; energetic, stylized, loud, and catchy. The MV is a pretty spot-on match to the track, embracing a Star Trek like motif. The director, Ed Park, is becoming something of a problem as this is another strong addition to his portfolio after his work on Gowe’s “Star in my Eyes“.

Directors/Cinematographers/ Dan Fisher and Ed Park
Produced by Joe Park and IAMMEDIC
Edited by Steve Arcenio
Visual Effects – Ed Park and Derrick Lee
3D Model by Daniel Harris
“Spaceship” Written and Produced by IAMMEDIC
Mixed by Enik Lin

Special Thanks to Jessica Stafford, Daniel Kang @ The Studio Box, Inc., Red, Anton Sutterlueti, Joe Cha, Peter Hong @ My Ninja! Clothing,

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