Pre-Order Opens for DJ Neil Armstrong’s ‘Music for When Nobody’s Looking’

DJ Neil Armstrong is ramping up to drop a new ecletic mixtape called Music for When Nobody’s Looking, due September 13th. However, you can already place an order early, guaranteeing you a digital copy within the next 24 hours of your order date. It looks like it’s going to be a pretty varied mix spanning a number of years of pop favorites that most would consider guilty pleasures (hence the album title).

You can hear an extensive sample and place your pre-order now over at DJ NA’s site.

Yes, Yes. Pre-order the Brand new Neil Armstrong CD – “All out King part 5 – Music for when Nobody’s Looking”, and while you wait for the package in the mail, you’ll have a copy to listen to not now, BUT RIGHT NOW.

I WILL BE SENDING THE DIGITAL COPY IN A SEPERATE EMAIL, TO the email address that you bought the cd with. Please allow me 24 hours to get it to ya, as I am out on tour and the process is not automated yet:)

* Each CD is $7 beans. If ya go with Standard shipping to Domestic destinations, you can have it all for 10 BUCKS. We do international and priority as well. The choice is yours.

Packages Shipped via USPS all credit cards and payments taken through trusty Paypal. All ya got to do is click the buy button above or click here.

Pre-orders will start shipping Next week, before the majority of the stores get it, so depending on where ya live and when you order, expect a brand new bundle of musical joy to get to you on or before Sept 13th.

Only running this pre-order situation until next friday, so…

Get yours.

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